Volume 4 - Proceedings 2nd Lower Saxony Symposium on Materials Technology 2017


Proceedings 2nd Lower Saxony Symposium on Materials Engineering,

February 23-24, 2017

Keywordsmulti material; functional material; joining; engineering; welding
Publication typeConference Proceedings
Pages614 pages
Illustrations297 illustrations
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Publication dateFebruary 2017
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The present conference proceedings summarize the contributions of the 2nd Lower Saxony Symposium on Materials Engineering, which took place in Clausthal-Zellerfeld on February 23 / 24, 2017. In over 50 technical papers, the expert audience was able to learn about current developments and trends in the field of materials research and process technology. The topics presented were very broad and extended along the entire value chain as follows: New functional materials Building materials Resource-saving material concepts Forming technology Joining technology Coating and surface technology Material properties and behavior Analytics Materials technology modeling Associated with this is the presentation of results from basic research to application technology. Accordingly, the reader is offered a unique combination of content from the disciplines of natural science and engineering in the areas shown.