Volume 7 - Proceedings 3rd Lower Saxony Symposium on Materials Engineering, 2017


Proceedings 3rd Lower Saxony Symposium on Materials Engineering,

February 14-15, 2019

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Surfaces and interfaces play a decisive role in many areas of materials engineering. In operation, they can directly define the material properties, for example in coatings as protection against environmental/operational effects (abrasive, erosive, corrosive, etc.) or in functionally activated surfaces (electrical, catalytic, etc.). The same is indirectly the case due to the interactions and reactions that take place on them during manufacturing processes, which have a lasting effect on the process result. Examples are the impregnation process for the production of fiber composites or the occurrence of oxidation processes during welding or brazing. In order to understand the surface and interface phenomena occurring in materials application and processing, the use of modern simulation and analysis methods is an absolute necessity. Accordingly, we would like to offer you as a scientific or engineering research institution or industrial company the opportunity to present your findings related to surfaces and interfaces in the conference proceedings.