Volume 3 - Report Volume CZM 2013 - 2015


Report volume Clausthal Center for Materials Engineering,

Period 2013 - 2015

Keywordsmulti material; functional material; joining; engineering; welding
Publication typeReport volume
Pages164 pages
Format21 x 14,8 cm
Price48,80 €
Publication date2016


This scientific report volume provides an up-to-date overview of research work carried out at the Clausthal Center for Materials Technology (CZM) in the period 2013-2015. As an interdisciplinary research center, the CZM bundles the competencies of Clausthal University of Technology in the field of materials. The focus is on the generation of novel multifunctional material systems. The basis for this is formed by metals, ceramics and glasses as well as polymer materials as technical materials. Approaches to implementing new functionalities and properties range from targeted material modification (grain refinement, nanostructuring, etc.) to the combination of different material groups to create multi-material systems. In addition to pure material and material production, the processing of materials and materials into components by forming, joining or coating processes, etc. is also considered, as is the development of complete process chains for the production of entire structures. Another focus is on the property prediction and characterization of multifunctional material systems as well as their recycling after the end of the product life cycle. In addition, the report volume provides an insight into the work of the doctoral programs "Materials and Processes" and "Surface Engineering and Functionalization" based at the CZM as an important component of scientific education in the field of materials engineering at the CZM and the Clausthal University of Technology.