Academic Classroom

The main venue is the Aula Academica of the TU Clausthal. The plenum of the Aula is the central place for the gathering at the symposium. About the registration, the poster and technical show, a special exhibition on the history of the historic building to the evening event. The main sessions of the symposium will be held in the domed hall of the auditorium. Other parallel sessions will be held in the adjacent lecture halls of the Institute of Metallurgy and the Fritz Süchtig Institute of Mechanical Engineering. From the train stations Göttingen and Goslar we offer a bus transfer to the venue.


Aula Academica -TU Clausthal- Aulastraße 2, Building B1 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Symposium Materials Technology e-Conference

In addition to the face-to-face event, the Symposium Materials Technology will also be held as an e-conference. This hybrid format allows both direct participation on site and participation as a presenter or listener via the web. Via digital auditoriums, the lectures are shared and all participants can interact with each other.