Volume 2 - Dissertation Lienhard Wegewitz

Lienhard Wegewitz

TitlePlasma-induced modification of self-assembled polystyrene spheres using dielectrically hindered discharge.
Publication typeDissertation
Pages224 pages
Publication date2015


The ability of colloids to self-organize is not only a fascinating natural phenomenon, but is also used today in many technical applications. For example, colloidal crystals are used in the development of battery electrodes and catalyst supports. Polymer colloids are often used, which require moderate temperatures from all process steps. Therefore, cold plasmas, for example Dielectric Impeded Discharges (DBE), are suitable for further processing of the colloidal crystals. This work addresses three successive issues in the field of colloidal crystals, the common feature of which is that the approaches to solving them are based on the use of DBE.