The Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Laboratories (AnTs) are an organizational unit of the CZM. The AnTs have the following tasks:

  1. the operation of the scientific and technical equipment at the CZM from the fields of manufacturing technology, metrology and materials testing;
  2. the central and uniform presentation of the technical equipment at the CZM in the above-mentioned areas;
  3. the support of the equipment operators in acquisition, equipment maintenance and accounting.

Steering / Responsibilities

The CZM Board of Directors determines the spatial contribution (by members), organizational integration, acquisition and use of equipment in the AnTs. Equipment managers and contact persons are determined to ensure operational equipment use.

  • Facilities and equipment of members in the premises of the CZM. Equipment or devices set up by members on CZM premises remain the property of the respective member. As the equipment owner, the owner alone decides on the use of his facilities and equipment located in the CZM. He retains the full right of access. Any costs arising from the operation of the facilities or equipment shall be borne by the owner. The use of the facilities and equipment by third parties (e.g. other members) is also regulated by the owner.
  • Facilities and equipment procured through the CZM or organizationally incorporated. In the case of equipment financing from the Center's property and operating funds, the CZM Board of Directors shall designate an equipment manager. For funding through third-party and special funds or the TUC research pool, the primary applicant serves as the equipment officer. CZM technical and research staff are available to operate the equipment. Basic equipment operation is provided by the teaching and operating resources of the Center.


Access to the equipment is regulated by the equipment supervisor; especially when capacity is tight. A digital forms system exists for the display and management of production and test/measurement orders.

User fees

  • TUC members / sovereign use: consumables
  • TUC members / commercial use: machine hourly rate for equipment wear parts + hourly rates separation invoice + consumables
  • external use: according to project-related offer preparation

Machine hourly rates are provided by the CZM office. Hourly rates for separation billing are available on the TUC intranet. Individual quotes are prepared centrally by the CZM office in cooperation with the equipment managers. For internal and external use of equipment originally procured in programs or from third-party funds (e.g. DFG large-scale equipment, EFRE research infrastructures, ...), the respective usage guidelines of the funding sources must be taken into account. In a case-by-case review, appropriate usage fees and usage options are determined, if necessary, taking into account the earmarking period specified by the funding agency.


Costs will be billed through the CZM office. Consumables may be provided by the facility user after review of specifications.


Self-use is possible or necessary for larger volumes of use within TUC, depending on the facility and agreement. For this purpose, the person responsible for the equipment must be contacted and equipment training with a qualified equipment operator is required. For work groups outside the CZM, safety instruction is required. In addition, users undertake to use the equipment provided properly and to comply with the existing technical center rules. In case of economic use, the separation billing hourly rates for CZM operating personnel do not apply.

Documentation / measurement data

All experiments are to be documented in a laboratory book. Accumulating measurement data are made available via the common transfer servers in combination with elabFTW, depending on the working group. In the field of metallography, the program Imagic IMS also exists as an exchange and evaluation platform. When using a device in publicly funded projects, the grant-relevant FDM requirements of the funding body are taken into account in accordance with the research data guideline of the TU Clausthal(https://www.fdm.tu-clausthal.de/erste-schritte/forschungsdaten-leitlinie).

External presentation

The technical equipment of the AnTs is presented uniformly on the CZM homepage. Equipment managers and contact persons/operators are named. The latter can be contacted in particular to arrange specific manufacturing experiments or test setups. The scientific management of the AnTs is responsible for central marketing in cooperation with the CZM managing director.