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Focussed Ion Beam technologies (FIB)

(Kopie 3)

Crater generated with FIB, mapped with SEM.
Lamella generated with FIB, mapped with SEM.

Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) techniques are used for the removal, depositing or mapping of samples. This method is frequently used in conjunction with a scanning electron microscope. In the ion source, gallium ions are generated and, with an acceleration voltage of several kilovolts, they are focussed on the surface of the sample with a beam diameter of just a few nanometres. The ions have a much higher kinetic energy than electrons and thus result in a material removal from the surface of the sample, in conjunction with the generation of secondary ions, secondary electrons and X-ray radiation.
Focussed ion beam technologies are frequently used for the preparation of cross-sections or lamella from solid samples. Together with gas injection systems, the selective deposition of metals on the surface or the selective etching of insulators or metals is made possible. 


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