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Quadrupole Mass Spectronomy (QMS)

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Structure of the quadrupole. The stable path of the ionised analytes is determined by the mass-to-charge ratio, m/q.

By determining atomic mass, mass spectrometry provides information regarding the chemical composition of the analytes. The analyte is first ionised, then filtered according to mass-to-charge ratio, m/q, and the generated ion is finally detected. Depending on the ionisation or filter methods, a differentiation is made between various procedures.
During Quadrupole mass spectrometry, the filtering of the ions is realised by means of the adjustment of the path through a quadrupole Depending on the configuration of the applied potential, stable paths are produced for the different m/q's, which pass through the quadrupole to the detector. By varying these parameters, a spectrum can be recorded that generally covers 1-100 atomic mass numbers.

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