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Homogeneous coating of aerosol nano-particles in a cold plasma under atmospheric pressure

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Project Leader: Prof. W. Maus-Friedrichs, Prof. A. Weber

Funding period: 07/2014 - 06/2017
Funding body: DFG
Funding reference: MA 1893/23-1 & WE 2331/18-1

Project team: Dr. Sebastian Dahle, MSc. Patrick Post

Laboratories: 0.5 ; 321 (CZM), 410N (IEPT)

Nano particles made from TiO2 are used in many different sectors, for example in sun cream, in waste water treatment or in self-cleaning coatings. Many of the applications of TiO2 require a coating in these particles, e.g. for technical or medicinal reasons. For these reasons, the coating of TiO2 particles with SiO2 is technically relevant. The introduction of the coating precursor into the process chain is no trivial matter and generally requires high temperatures. The processes in the case of coatings of this kind have not yet undergone thorough systematic study.

Within the scope of this project, TiO2 nano particles are coated with SiO2 shells of adjustable thickness in a two-stage entrained flow reactor, by means of a very technically simple process using reactive cold plasmas (dielectric barrier discharge, DBD). In addition to the very promising technical feasibility, this procedure first and foremost enables basic studies of the processes and reactions in each of the individual process steps. Barely any studies have been carried out to date regarding the coating of nano particles in entrained flow reactors using DBD. We are combining the existing, and very demanding surface-analytical methods with continuous processes in the reactor. The objective of the project is to clarify the basic interface and layer formation mechanisms and their reaction to the generation in the entrained flow reactor.


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