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Grain refinement of aluminium cast alloys

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Project Leader: Prof. Volker Wesling (Dr.Eng)

Funding period: 12/2009 - 10/2011
Funding body: ZIM, Berlin
Funding reference: -

Contact partner: Dr. Gabriele Vidrich (Dr.Eng)

The objective of the community project is to make AlCu alloys usable by means of improved castability using new grain refiners for application in case of complex components under high thermo-mechanical stress. Within the scope of the project, a system is to be developed with a view to the targeted adjustment of grain refiners to suit the respective aluminium alloy systems, so as to achieve improved effectiveness. These particles are to be supplied via master alloys manufactured using powder-metallurgical methods, which are produced by means of the mechanical alloying of the particles with a carrier material and subsequent consolidation. Following the addition of the master alloy to the aluminium melt, this dissolves, whereby the particles with a higher melting point contained within it are dispersed into the melt and serve as heterogeneous nuclei for solidifying phases. The effectiveness of the master alloys, alongside the improved castability, should also be reflected in the mechanical properties. Alternative manufacturing procedures for the grain refiners that show potential for series production are also to be tested. Finally, a process chain is to be defined for manufacture, enabling efficient and low-cost production. In addition to the TU Clausthal, an industrial company is also involved in this research project.


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