CZM and TUC key research areas

Integration of the CZM into the TU Clausthal's key research areas

Since the beginning of 2016, the TU Clausthal has been focusing its research under the heading of "Energy-Material-Information" on 4 research focal points. Here each of the key research areas is assigned a research centre within the TU Clausthal, which each coordinate and support the interdisciplinary work of the involved chairs and institutes within the research focal points. Here the CZM is focussed on "Innovative materials and processes for competitive products" as a topic area. The existing interdisciplinary work groups at the CZM, with a specific focus on the development of multi-material systems, form an excellent nucleus for this mission. Furthermore, a virtual material analysis centre (virtuelles materialanalytisches Zentrum, MAZ) as a further development of the already existing Surface Engineering and Analytics Laboratories (SEAL) at the CZM is intended to gather together the Institute's major research equipment, with the goal of improved user access. The CZM also serves as an interface for the involved researchers to important national and international networks.

Figure: Research focal points of the TU Clausthal and the role of its research centres

High-tech materials form the starting point for work in key research areas. They make car bodies lighter, solar modules more efficient and wind power systems more robust. They are of vital importance for the energy transition – and for Germany's ability to compete as an industrial location. With regard to its material science research and its implementation within production processes, the TU Clausthal is one of Germany's pioneering universities. This expertise is reflected in key research area of "Innovative materials and processes". The involved scientists are focussing primarily on four points:

  • They want to better understand the fundamentals of material properties and phenomena.
  • This understanding is a prerequisite to optimising materials in a target manner with regard to certain characteristics or to designing brand new innovative materials.
  • New materials place new demands on product design: Thus, for example, special steel or aluminium for a car boot lid should not only be light, but also as durable as possible, and also simple and inexpensive to recycle.
  • Finally, processes must be optimised in order that materials and products can be manufactured cost-effectively and in large quantities.

One of the main concerns of the researchers is the practical implementation of the findings. To this end, many of the projects are being realised hand in hand with industrial partners.
The following sub-areas (incl. the involved institutes) exist within the key research area:

Coordinator of the key research area:
Prof. Volker Wesling (Dr.Eng)
Telephone: +49-5323-72-2503

Project developer for the key research area
Dr. Jens Hamje (Dr.Eng)
Telephone: +49-5323-72-2152


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