TEXMAT - Texture School @ CZM

Clausthal-Zellerfeld, 17. - 20. September 2018

Almost 50 years ago Professor Günter Wasserman invited international experts taking part on the first international texture conference ICOTOM-1 (International Conference on Textures of Materials) hosted at the Clausthal University of Technology. Following the long tradition in teaching crystallographic texture, TEXMAT (Texture Analysis in Materials Research) organizes international texture schools in regular intervals. This year’s texture school takes place at the Campus of the Clausthal University of Technology with co-organizer CZM (Clausthaler Zentrum für Materialtechnik) and HZG (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht).  

The organizers welcome 32 participants at the texture school 2018. A big group comes from universities of Xi’an/PR China, which expresses the growing interest in texture research in whole Asia. Next ICOTOM will be held in Japan 2020.

The key point of this texture school was, in addition to the basics of texture analytics, how to present crystallographic textures, namely 2D pole figures, 2D inverse pole figures and sections of the 3D orientations distribution. What can be seen in which kind of presentation and where are the advantages and disadvantages. There is no unique method for measuring crystallographic texture, but which method shall one use (X-rays, EBSD, n-rays, s-rays) related to the special needs (surface texture, global texture, local texture, texture gradients etc.). The morning lectures were supplemented by work experiences at the afternoon, some of them in small groups learning data treatment, interpretation of pole figures, estimating of the quality and identify possible errors of texture results.  

On Wednesday evening the workshop dinner was accompanied at the famous “Glückauf Saal” in Clausthal near the largest wooden church of Germany (Marktkirche zum Heiligen Geist).

First inquiries fort the next texture school exists, a new date is not fixed .

 (Pre-registration:  heinz-guenter.brokmeier@tu-clausthal.de).


                                                                                                             Article: H.-G. Brokmeier


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