Microsystems based on multi-functional material composites

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The "Microsystems based on multi-functional material composites" (MS Multi Mat) collaborative network is a strong alliance of companies and research institutions, which has set itself the objective of promoting the development and manufacture of marketable microsystems technology products for the fields of electronics, optics, medical technology and diagnostics. The increasing market requirement for very short development and product cycles with an increasingly more complex requirements profile, such as the increasing level of miniaturisation or innovative multi-functionality, require the rapid and efficient implementation of R&D projects.
Through our association, we support mainly small and medium-sized companies in meeting these challenges and together developing research approaches for innovative solutions. Here the entire process chain is taken into consideration. The competence areas of the "MS Multi Mat“" incorporate five areas:

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Sensor technology
Material composites
Surface technology
Micro-injection moulding
Additive manufacture


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