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TitleConference transcript for the 2nd Lower Saxon Material Technology Symposium
Key wordsmulti material; functional material; joining; engineering; welding
Publication typeConference transcript
Pages614 pages
Illustrations297 illustrations
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Date of publicationFebruary 2017
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Topic         Author(s)
1 - Material properties and behaviour
Self-reinforced Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) organo sheets; Properties and applicationsJerpdal L.
Schiwik J-M.
Akermo, M.

Material characterisation of carbon fibre fleece in the duroplastic matrixMankiewicz, J.
Heber, M.
Cleve, E.
Gutmann, J. S.
Studies of the hot tear behaviour of AlZnMgCu alloysZak, O.
Tonn, B.
Dolinar, G.
2 - Modelling
Experimental characterization and modelling of the thermo-mechanical behaviourMartinez Page, M. A.
Hartmann, S.
3 - Coating and surface technology
Ultrasound adhesive pre-treatment of fibre composite plasticsBlass, D.
Hartwig, S.
Kreling, S.
Dilger, K.
Quality-assured surface pre-treatment of fibre composite materials prior to glueingDieckhoff, S.
Ihlde, J.
Tornow, C.
Increasing the wear resistance of forming tools by means of laser beam alloying

Kaierle, S.
Giesecke, M.
Gerdes, N.
Wesling, V.
Reiter, R.
Kamper, S.
Mechanism-based strategies for the avoidance of deposit formation in plastics processing machines and toolsGustus, R.
Sonnenberg, M.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.
Development of a combined solder-nitration procedure for the continuous production of bipolar plates from galvanically chromium-plated metal filmsHolländer, U.
Weber, F.
Möhwald, K.
Maier, H. J.
Müller, M.
Scharf, I.
Lampke, T.
Deposition welding of cobalt and cobalt substitute alloysWesling, V.
Reiter, R.
Kamper, K.
Lau, L.
Beuth, D.
Stenzel, P.
Surface and contact surface modes of action in resistance point weldingKerl, H.
Wesling, V.
Wiche, H.
Contact angle measurement on micro-structured materialsLaupheimer, M.
Future repair soldering procedures for high-pressure turbine blades. A combined soldering-aluminisation process for thermally injected Ni-based alloysNicolaus, M.
Möhwald, K.
Maier H. J.
HIP-Cladding of Tools with Thick Wear Resistant CoatingsOligmüller, J.
Packeisen, A.
Höfter, A.
Coating of gas-borne nano-particles with silicone oxide, using DBD plasmaPost, P.
Weber, A. P.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.
Borra, J.-P.
Enzyme-moderated particle addressing on surfacesStrube, O. I.
Rüdiger, A. A.
Büngeler, A.
4 - Joining technology
Laser beam submerged arc / hybrid welding - Manipulation of the notch impact strength using suitable weld additivesReisgen, U.
Olschok, S.
Engels, O.
Resistance point welding of alloys with a high manganese content. Influence of the degree of mixing on the weld point integrity of austenite/ferrite connections

Frohwein, C.
Goede, M.
Jüttner, S.

Residual stress measurements on laser beam welded hybrids with steels with a high manganese contentGraß, F.
Wesling, V.
Schram, A.
Flügge, W.
Process-integrated joining technology for the manufacture of CRP-metal componentsLippky, K.
Kreling, S.
Dilger, K.
Influence of ultrasound on the hybrid weld pool in the laser beam welding processNothdurft, S.
Springer, A.
Laierle, S.
Overmeyer, L.
Mildebrath, M.
Maier, H. J.
Hassel, T.
Ohrdes, H.
Wallaschek, J.
Studies of the laser beam welding of dissimilar connections of aluminium and steel materials from car body construction with irradiation on the aluminium sideSeffer, O.
Springer, A.
Kaierle, S.
Adhesive bonding of high-pressure die cast aluminium alloysShi, J.
Pries, H.
Stammen, E.
Dilger, K.
Additive production of fibre-reinforced aluminium components - Composite Weld ModellingWagner, L.
Riehemann, W.
Arlic, U.
Hebing, J.
Use of Al-coated wire electrodes in MSG welding in order to reduce alloy melting lossTreutler, K.
Wesling, V.
Schram, A.
Hamje, J.
Zitzke, M.
5 - Analytics
Thermography in welding technologyKeitel, S.
Klisch, A.
Herrmann, J.
Silicon as a high-capacity electrode material for lithium-ion batteries: Volume expansion and lithium distributionJerliu, B.
Hüger, E.
Borchardt, G.
Schmidt, H.
New investigation procedure for the analysis of the "internal" grain distribution of (multi-)composite cementsUnseld, J.
Wolter, A.
6 - Construction materials
Modern materials for the restoration of historic concretesGypser, A.
Flohr, A.
Osburg, A.
methodology development for the parameter-based assessment and classification visible concrete surfaces - colour and structural analysis on a laboratory scaleOsburg, A.
Schirmer, U.
7 - New functional materials
The Role of Ultrasound in Electrochemical SynthesisArgirusis, C.
Influence of the graphite morphology on heat conductivity in highly filled graphite polymer compoundsGrundler, M.
Stannek, P.
Heinzel, A.
Wood and organic reagents - a very promising partnership

Kaufmann, D. E.
Namyslo, J. C.
Drafz, M. H. H.,
Söftje, M.
Ehrhardt, C.

Manufacture of porous catalytic particles with adjustable product characteristics by means of spray dryingRöhrbein, J.
Weber, A. P.
Functionalised polymers with letters from biological genetic materialSchmidt, A.
Grimm, T.
Tuchel, P. S.
Namyslo, J. C.
Fischer, A.
Filip, K.
Aerosol Based Fabrication of Polymer-Coated semiconductors NanoparticlesShaban, M.
Poostforooshan, J.
Weber, A. P.
 8 - Resource-efficient material concepts
Tungsten - Industrial workshore with big potential for innovative companiesGerk, C.
Yan-Gerk, L.
Reiter, R.
Wesling, V.
Manufacture and properties of AMFC (Aluminium Matrix Foam Composites) using the powder-metallurgical methodAlbrecht, R.
Benß, T.
Klauer, C.
Lange, G.
Increased performance using innovative steelsRösch, O.
Rekersdrees, T.
 10 - Production technologies for automotive construction
Process control strategies for hot stamping in large-scale series manufactureHartmann, H.-F.
Development and processing of structured fibre inserts
Krömer, S.
Ziegmann, G.
Gruschwitz, H.
Kammerer, A.
Sdrenka, S.
Junior, W
Bonded blanks technology for automotive shell construction with combined forming and joining operations
Wisner, G.
Stammen, E.
Dilger, K.
 10 - Energy technology
Structure and characterisation of an SOFC stack with parallel system architectureWesling, V.
Hamje, J.
Dörrer, L.
Lindermeir, A.
Innovative compound materials for the manufacture of large-scale compound bipolar plates for vanadium redox flow batteriesHenkel, R.
Hickmann, T.
Kundler, I.
Gillmann, M.
Grundler, M.
Kroner, I.
Kunz, U.
dos Santos, A. T.
Turek, T.
Derieth, T.
Bredemeyer, N.
Tenhumberg, N.
11 - Plastics and plastic technology
Materials and processes for the manufacture of acoustically effective components from the perspective of an automotive manufacturerDickert, M.
Schneider, M.
Multifunctional sensor system for process monitoring in fibre composite materialsFlorian, T.
Javdanitehran, M.
Ziegmann, G.
Groh, J.
Vossiek, M.
Plasma-supported chemical liquid phase separation - New prospects for polymer coatingsWurlitzer, L.
Dahle, S.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.

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