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Mission Statement

The technological progress mad in recent years has been characterised and realised primarily through the use of the most modern substances and materials. Only when the continuously growing knowledge of material sciences is made directly and quickly available to the user, is there the opportunity to make optimal and economically feasible use of our ever more scarce resources. Here dialogue between use and developer is particularly essential so as to guarantee as smooth a knowledge transfer as possible. This also simultaneously results in the requirement being imposed on materials technology, to consider all stages of the value chain, from the manufacture to the processing and forming, and the verification of properties by means of a tailored test procedure and through the use of quality assurance systems, and to view these stages as research objects during the research and development process, right through to the finished component or product.
As one of three research centres operated by the Technical University of Clausthal, it pools the competences of its scientists from various disciplines in the field of materials technology. This creates the basis for the realisation of challenging, interdisciplinary projects in joint work groups. The membership of other scientists from the Universities of Braunschweig and Hanover supplements the groups of people involved and thus forms the basis for the meaningful expansion of the German research landscape in the field of materials and substances.

Research focus

The focal points of the materials technology research conducted by the CZM are the core areas of technical materials – metals, ceramics and glasses - and also polymeric materials. Building on the most recent findings from basic materials research in these core areas, the Centre's applied research focuses on innovative solutions for future applications in key technologies, using multi-material structures (MMS). This objective is in line with the urgent requirements from current growth technologies, such as traffic engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and energy technology.
Based on new findings in basic material research, and through suitable interdisciplinary collaborations, MMS' with a high strength under extreme conditions, in particular at high temperatures and under high wear and corrosion stress, and also with high rigidity and simultaneous low weight, can be developed.
Through material combinations, layered structures, graded structural development and micro- and nano-scale substructures, special visual, magnetic and mechanical properties are to be generated in MMS', for special fields of application and for modern sensor/actuator functions.


Objectives and tasks

  • The funding and realisation of application-oriented basic research projects in the field of metallic, non-metallic inorganic and polymeric materials and their synergistic use.
  • Use of the substances and materials in components and the development/implementation of processes/process chains in the design of structures
  • Funding of industrial projects in the aforementioned work areas and mapping of the entire process chain for defined key areas of application
  • Training of young scientific talent and planning and supervision of studies and theses; integration of current topics into the teaching; development of training measures at all hierarchical levels

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