Symposium Materials Technology has established itself

The fifth Symposium on Materials Engineering was held on February 23 and 24.

For the fifth time, the Clausthal Center for Materials Technology (CZM) held the Lower Saxony Symposium on Materials Technology. Around 160 participants exchanged ideas on innovations in the auditorium.

"The event is well received and successful." With these words, Prof. Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs, spokesman of the CZM board, opened the two-day conference in the Aula Academica of the Clausthal University of Technology. Around 160 participants from science and industry learned about the latest developments in the field of materials technology research in 81 presentations.

The three keynote lectures in particular attracted the interest of the guests. The first offered a holistic presentation of the Collaborative Research Center 1368 "Oxygen-Free Production," a cooperative project between Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover (LUH) and TU Clausthal. Prof. Hans-J├╝rgen Maier (LUH), the spokesman of the SFB, presented the positive effects of oxygen-free production in terms of thermal conductivity, adhesive tensile strength and reaction layer wear. Improved component properties as a result of new processes and products could noticeably advance energy and resource efficiency, CO2 savings and environmental protection.

The two other application-related keynote presentations dealt on the one hand with "Additive manufacturing of body components in high-strength steels for prototypes and small series". This topic was presented by Dr. Martin Hillebrecht, an alumnus of TU Clausthal, from the engineering services provider EDAG. On the other hand, the focus was on "Challenges and solutions in joining modern steel materials", presented by Dr. Hans-Christian Schmale, head of the Joining Technology department at Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung.

More than 50 external speakers and almost two dozen Clausthal residents contributed to the numerous other lectures, which were presented not only in the auditorium but also in the Institutes of Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy. The main topics included lightweight materials, energy storage materials, testing/measuring and sensor technology, material behavior and properties, joining technology in general and additive manufacturing in particular.

The series of lectures was supplemented by a poster and technology show, which included some illustrative demonstrators on deoxidation from the SFB "Oxygen-free Production". Other event highlights included an exhibition on the history of the TU Clausthal auditorium and a festive evening event. The beer served, including reduced-alcohol beer, came from the TU Clausthal research brewery. "We were very satisfied with the response to our fifth symposium and the content of the lectures," summed up CZM Managing Director Dr. Henning Wiche, who had organized the event in particular together with Nicole Daske.

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