Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing at Clausthal Center of Materials Technology (CZM)

Additive manufacturing technologies are fundamentally changing the way products are designed, manufactured and delivered to consumers. Numerous research studies show the great potential for this. The consensus is that economical use requires high material deposition rates and an end-to-end process chain - from component design to the manufacturing process.

The research focus at CZM aims to develop the potential of wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) for the production of complex structural components with locally adapted material properties. Although this process is widely used, the potentials of targeted heat input and material deposit for multimaterial systems in monolithic components have not yet been reached. At the CZM, these potentials are being researched and made usable for the development and production of completely new components by means of new methods and processes. The basis for this is the investigation and description of the process-specific interactions between product development, process technology, process control and process simulation in an interdisciplinary research team.