(Kopie 3)

The MGT (Multi Gas Analyser with Thermal Desorption) is used for the analysis of the chemical composition of emitted gases when warming or heating a solid sample. The Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS) offers a mass range from 1 u to 300 u, while the sample temperature can be as high as 1500°C. Here the masses, heating ramos and waiting times are freely configurable. The measurement and heating of the sample take place in two separate ultra high vacuum chambers, while the gases can be fed over the sample to the QMS chamber. In this way, the separation of molecules emitted from the surface of the chamber and the sample is guaranteed.  In order to measure the sample, dimensions within the range from 5 x 5 mm2 to 25 x 25 mm2 and thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 3 mm are required.




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