UV/VIS Spectroscopy

UV-VIS reflection spectra of a macroporous PEDOT layer, electrochemically deposited onto gold

(Kopie 2)

In UV/VIS microscopy, the interaction of a sample with radiation from the ultraviolet to the visible spectrum range is examined. Liquid samples, powder samples dissolved in absorption-free solvents or light-permeable solids, such as glasses, can be measured using absorption. Based on the ratio of the beamed radiation intensity and that detected after sampling, the light-permeability a thus the absorption can be determined depending on the radiation wavelength. This enables conclusions to be drawn regarding electronic transitions for the identification and characterisation of organic molecules, the analysis of ions and transition metal complexes in inorganic samples or the determination of the optical properties of semi-conductor samples. Furthermore, in a similar way, the spectral reflection of a solid sample depending on the can be determined depending on the angle of incidence. In addition to the already mentioned application possibilities, this also enables the characterisation of thin layers and thin-layer systems.




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