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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

(Kopie 2)

The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) enables the direct mapping of the sample using an electron beam.
In contrast to a traditional light microscope, an electron gun generates an electron beam, which is focussed on and directed towards the sample.
The acceleration voltage varies from 100 kV to 500 kV.
The integrated capacitor lens system makes it possible to view both large areas with a low resolution, as well as small areas with a high resolution.
The measurement range can vary between 100 nm to within the atomic range.
Based on the path of the beam through the sample, another lens system, consisting of 3 to 8 lenses, enables the mapping of the sample surface on a digital light screen.
A CCD camera saves the recording.
Based on the occurring elastic and inelastic scattering phenomena between the beamed electrons and the atoms of the sample surface, the sample must be sufficiently thin.
The necessary thickness of the sample is also dependent on the sample density and composition.
Generally speaking, the maximum thickness of the sample, depending on the device used, varies between 5 and 100 nm.

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