Surface Engineering and Analytics Laboratories (SEAL)

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The Surface Engineering and Analytics Laboratories (SEAL) in the Clausthal Centre for Material Technology incorporate a wide range of the main analytical and preparatory techniques from the fields of surface analysis, technology, functionalisation and treatment, as well as solids analysis.
The precise representation of the surface of diverse samples is possible, from basic research through to technical application. Here all material classes from metals to non-metals such as glasses and ceramics and organic materials such as wood or skin are possible.
Moving beyond the topographic representations, the surfaces can also be studied with regard to their chemical compositions. Some of the available devices combine topographic and chemical information.
All surfaces can be functionalised and treated in a wide range of ways. This begins with the classic mechanical treatment methods, before moving on to precise coating by means of molecular beam epitaxy, PVD/CVD, Plasma-CVD or targeted plasma cleaning and functionalisation.

A list of the current equipment can be found here.

Scientific Direction:
Prof. W. Maus-Friedrichs (Dr. rer. nat.)

Contact partner:
Dr. René Gustus (Dr. rer. nat.)
Telephone: +49 5323 / 72-3613



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