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Weld-based generation of wear protection coatings for high-temperature applications

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Project Leader: Prof. V. Wesling (Dr.Eng)

Funding period: 03/2015 - 02/2017
Funding body: DFG

The strategic distribution of hard material phases according to size, form and arrangement has a significant influence on the wear resistance of hard alloys. Thus, in case of attack by grainy materials, it is essential that the spacing of the hard phases is smaller than the average diameter of the abrasive particles. Here the hard phases are embedded within a comparatively soft matrix. Pseudo-alloys for applications at room temperature have now become established.

The goal of the project is the generation and certification of pseudo-alloys for high-temperature applications. To this end, high-alloyed and high-temperature-resistant Ni and Co-based alloys are used as a matrix material and are reinforced with various alien hard materials. For the welding studies, the PPA procedure is used, as this has the required variability, in particular with regard to the workable hard material content and energy supply, for the welding of pseudo-alloys. The alloys generated in this way are characterised by means of abrasion and erosion wear studies, up to an operating temperature of 800°C. Of particular interest here are the changes to the removal mechanisms in correlation to the structural morphology and the phase composition as temperature rises.


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