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Study of the use of PVD layer transplantation for the generation of innovative surfaces and properties in micro-component production

(Kopie 3)

Project Leader: Prof. F.-W. Bach (Dr.Eng. habil. Dr.Eng. E. h. Dr. h. c. ) (IW Hanover), Dr. K. Möhwald (Dr.Eng. habil.) (IW Hanover/CZM)

Funding period: 2011 - 12/2013
Funding body:
DFG, Bonn
Funding reference: MO 881/14-1

Contact partner: Dr. K. Möhwald (Dr.Eng. habil )

The progressive miniaturisation of micro-components presents new challenges in the area of coating technology, which require new approaches. An approach that focuses on micro-casting involves applying the required surface treatment (e.g. a hard material coating) to the previously cast component not as a subsequent process step, but rather coating the component mould in advance and then transplanting this coating onto the component. This results in a hybrid process, whereby the coating is transplanted onto the newly produced component when casting, creating a firm bond. This procedure makes it possible to produce, by means of near-net-shape manufacture, components with dimensions of less than one millimetre, with innovative surfaces and properties. During the transplantation process, the coating is transferred along with its material properties and structural characteristics, which are assumed by the master form. The problematic coating conditions (handling, edge rounding etc.) to be expected with component sizes as small as this are avoided, meaning that this hybrid procedure also represents a simplification. The positive properties of the PVD layers are retained and give the micro-components new surface properties, such as an increase in the wear-resistance and and an increase in surface hardness. Preliminary trials have shown that the transplanted PVD coatings have a high surface quality, which even satisfies the exacting requirements with regards to appearance. Structure sizes in the sub-μm range are applied to the PCD coating over large areas (approx. 6 cm²) during the transplantation process. The successful transplantation of PVD multi-layer coatings onto micro-components reveals the potential of this procedure. The results from these preliminary trials are to be studied systematically within the proposed project, with the objective of equipping micro-structured components with hard material coatings known from surface technology, within a hybrid manufacturing process. CrN and titanium-based TiN and TiAlN layers are favoured for the hard material layers, as these have established themselves as classic hard material coatings.


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