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Studies of dispersion-reinforced Al-Si cast alloys

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Project Leader: Prof. Babette Tonn (Dr.Eng) and Prof. Werner Riehemann

Funding period: 2010 - 2014
Funding body: DFG, Bonn
Funding reference: -

Contact partner: Dr. Hennadiy Zak (Dr.Eng) and Dr. Alla Kasakewitsch (Dr.Eng)

The objective of this research project is the principles-based development of technological measures for the optimal smelting metallurgical manufacture of dispersion-reinforced Al-Si cast alloys for temperature-stressed engine components. To this end, the process chain is considered in its entirety - from the manufacture of suitable master alloys, to the effective introduction of TiC and SiC particles that are smaller than 1 micrometer into the melt, the composition of alloys and the process parameters during the melting process and when casting, and the influence of the dispersoid on the join and the mechanical properties of the Al-Si cast alloys, both at room temperature and at temperatures of up to 400°C. As a result of this better understanding of the influence of reinforcement particles smaller than 1 micrometre on the mechanical and casting properties of the Al-Si alloys, it will be possible to develop new alloys or alloy variants with specifically optimised properties, and to offer more in-depth solutions for the manufacture of dispersion-reinforced cast parts.




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