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Project Leader: Dr. S. Dahle

Funding period: 11/2016 – 10/2018
Funding body: BMWi
Funding reference: 03EFHNI056

Project team: Dr. S. Dahle, S. van Cayzeele, M. Unseld, H. Nietzel, M. Olschewski, S. Lohan

Plasma-based gas purification

Green and sustainable technologies for climate change and the energy revolution

The drastic reduction of greenhouse gases is the core objective of the Paris Climate Agreement of 13.12.2015, which is binding for all countries on Earth. This refers first and foremost to CO2 emissions, but also to other greenhouse gases. Keeping the air clean is therefore on of the most important key ecological topics for modern industrial companies. In spite of continuously increasing industrial and agricultural production, in Germany it has been possible to continually improve air quality in many sectors. The maximum immission values, which are now significantly falling even further following the Paris Agreement, require new and innovative technologies for the cleaning of waste gas and circulating air. The development of such technologies will enable adherence to stricter limits and also serves the further development of German as a high-tech location. If it is possible to develop such technologies and market them on a global scale, then we will be able to couple the major global ecological benefit with value creation in Germany.

The continuous tightening of limit values for all waste gases,which for ecological reasons is taking place on a global basis, requires the continuous development of new technologies. The exacting requirements are bringing classic waste gas cleaning systems such as filters, catalytic converters or wet gas scrubbing are already reaching their limits in some applications. Furthermore, innovative approaches often conserve resources and energy. Some of these new approaches use modern plasmas for gas modification.

PlasmaGreen is developing the use of these ultra-modern plasmas in order to improve air quality, gas preparation and gas cleaning, which, technologically speaking, represent new territory in some areas of application, while in others they are very much leading the way. Production and marketing are also realised by us. Our processes clean waste air, optimise non-waste gases and improve the internal air, e.g in production facilities. In all applications we will significantly improve both the ecological and the economic situation.

The objective of this project, funded within the framework of the EXIST funding programme run by the BMWI, is to further develop the procedure tested in the laboratory, so that the transition towards commercial use is made possible.


"The 03EFHNI056 (PlasmaGreen) project is being funded within the scope of the EXIST programme by the Federal ministry for the Economy and Energy and by the European Social Fund.


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