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Osteofit - A low-wear, bone-inductive titanium-based knee implant system

(Kopie 3)

Project Leader: Prof. Lothar Wagner (Dr.Eng)

Funding body: BMBF, KMU-Innovativ
Funding reference: 13GW0020C
Funding period: 3 years

Contact partner: Ulrich Raab (Dipl.-Ing) and Christian Teichmann (Dipl.-Ing)

In spite of the great success of modern endoprosthetics, due to the limited life of the prostheses, demographic change with increasing life expectancy and primary use, including in younger patients, there is an urgent need for technological improvement. Major objectives here would be optimised in-growth behaviour, a reduction in the number of instances of aseptic loosening, strategies for the avoidance of allergic reactions to implant materials and cost-efficient manufacture - including of custom implants. Within the scope of this project it should therefore be clarified whether it is technologically possible, by means of centrifugal casting, to manufacture a knee joint from the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V in the form of an alloy that has been modified for surgical implants. Location-specific surface treatments on on the joint surface and on the surface applied to the bone should then also lead to improved osteo-integration and higher lifespans.

Within the "Osteofit" joint project, a market-ready medicinal product should be developed within 3 years. Here the project consortium covers the value chain from the development of the casting technology to animal trials and the production and testing of the knee implants. The project consortium includes Peter-Brehm Chirurgie-Mechanik e.K, MedTitan and Medimet, as well as Access e.V., the University of Ulm and the TU Clausthal. The work planned at the Institute for Material Engineering and Material Technology (Institut für Werkstoffkunde und Werkstofftechnik, IWW) will be funded in the amount of EUR 600,000 and includes the optimisation of the cast joint by means of heat treatment, the treatment of the articulating surfaces and the mechanical testing of the cast knee joints.


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