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xWyCrz)B2 system

(Kopie 3)

Project Leader: Dr. H. Schmidt (associate professor)

Funding period: 2008 - 2013
Funding body: DFG, Bonn
Funding reference: SCHM1569/12

Contact partner: Dr. Aleksandra Newirkowez (Dr.Eng)

The objective of this proposal is the manufacture and characterisation of nano-structured ceramic hard material layers using the (TixWyCrz)B2 system, and the acquisition of an understanding of the join formation process. Layer deposition takes place by means of reactive magnetron sputtering and subsequent annealing and the in-situ elimination of nano-crystalline phases. The sputter layers are characterised with regard to their morphology, their nano-structure and their chemical composition, and correlated with the hardness values. Alongside the TU Clausthal Prof. R. Telle of the RWTH Aachen is involved as a cooperative partner.


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