HybridGlas Sandwich

(Kopie 3)

Project Leader: Prof. G. Ziegmann (Dr.Eng)

Funding period: 07/2016 - 07/2018
Funding reference: BMWi
Funding reference: 16KN053601

HybridGlas Sandwich

Development and characterisation of innovative glass/polymer hybrids

The goal of the project is the development of innovative products made from glass/ploymer sandwich composites, and of the manufacturing processes required to this end. With these material composites, new property profiles are to be produced, which cannot be achieved with the glass or plastic materials groups alone.
The basic design of these sandwich structures consists of flat glass as cover layers, on top of polymer cores, whereby in contrast to glued composite structures, inseparable compounds are produced using chemical solvents. The use of various types of glass and polymers, as well as additives in the core material and in the boundary layers, with nano-scale particles, along with the selection of material thicknesses and cavities, forms the basis for this comprehensive system concept. A prerequisite to the achievement of the project objectives with regard to the product properties is the development of the associated manufacturing processes. In addition to the technical process-related element of the task, the test techniques for the new material composites for another point of focus during the R&D activities. The main target market for the new product is that of building technology.


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