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1st MS Multi Mat Collaborative Network Workshop

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to be able to present to you the first workshop run by the MS Multi Mat Collaborative Network, in cooperation with ZeMPro e.V., on the topic of "'Microsystems based on multi-functional material composites". It is taking place on 28./29.05.2018 at the PVZ (Centre for Pharmaceutical Procedural Technology) in Braunschweig.

The MS Multi Mat Collaborative Network is a strong alliance of companies and research institutions with the objective of promoting the development and manufacture of microsystem technical products made from multi-functional material composites for the fields of medical technology, material and process technology, among others. Here the areas of competence of the network partners include the five fields of sensors, material composites, surface technology, micro-injection moulding and additive production.

The programme for the two-day workshop consists of lecture sessions on the first day presenting the new developments in that focus topic fields. Following a culinary experience at the evening event, in the Brazilian Rodizio Restaurant, the focus topics are to be discussed the next day in workshops and innovative ideas developed. More detailed information can be found in the attached flyer, which you can also feel free to pass on to others.

Take a note of the date now Lecture proposals on the focus topics can be submitted from now until 23.03.2018 by email (amke.eggers@tu-clausthal.de).

I look forward to a successful workshop with you.

Kind regards,

Amke Eggers

Flyer Download 1. MS Multi Mat Collaborative Network Workshop


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