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Economic and ecological framework conditions are changing existing economic structures within Europe, Germany and Lower Saxony. Energy consumption and the efficient use of resources such as crude oil and natural gas are the focus of new product developments and consequently result in new materials, production processes and thus new products. Against this backdrop, lightweight construction is increasingly the focus of new technological developments.

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On account of the desire to practice lightweight construction in a structurally and application-appropriate manner, production structures in industry are changing considerably. This not only applies to major industries such as in the aviation and automotive sectors, but also to the mid-size sector and SME representatives in particular. Existing supplier relations that have developed over a long period of time are being called into question as a result of the substitution of technologies, processes and products.

The mid-size sector in particular must undergo and help shape this change process in order to be equipped for the future. This applies in particular for the ability to compete and the associated safeguarding of jobs.

Particular challenges for the SME representatives are found in the numerous changes along the product development process when using lightweight construction.

For example, changes in the product structure e.g. of steel with fibre composite or hybrid systems are caused not only by the weight, the dimensioning or the component behaviour, but in particular also by the manufacturing procedures, the process technology and the applied machine technology.

LIMAX e.V. is addressing this issue. For the first time in Germany and in Lower Saxony, SME representatives are organising themselves and, in collaboration with the State of Lower Saxony, they are establishing an innovative environment in which new procedures and products can be accurately developed for customers and manufacturers, and produced so as ready for series production.

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