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Functional Materials and Structures Campus

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Functional materials, that is, materials that deliver more than strength, toughness and corrosion-resistance, are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. They are often used in sensor technology.. Functional materials can be found in solar cells, mobile telephones, modern televisions, implants – and soon also in an active noise-reducing window. Research has already been conducted into such multi-functional windows in Clausthal. The new facility is in keeping with the activities of the Clausthal Centre for Material technology.

The new campus is a scientific research association at the TU Clausthal, in which the university cooperates with the German Aerospace Centre (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, DLR) and the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, BAM).

The goal is, within joint, large-scale research projects, to develop functional materials and structures for adjustable, efficiently manufactured, and tolerant lightweight structures. Around a dozen ambitious research topics have already been developed, such as zinc oxide systems, transparent piezo ceramics and additive manufacturing. The new campus offers a framework for the comprehensive use of devices, staff and expertise. In addition, the competences of the three institutions involved are supplemented to exceptional effect. Another point of focus is the training of junior researchers.



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