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TitleConference transcript for the 1st Lower Saxon Material Technology Symposium
Key wordsmulti material; functional material; joining; engineering; welding
Type of publicationConference transcript
Pages526 pages
Illustrations240 illustrations
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Date of publicationFebruary 2015
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Topic         Author(s)
1 - Opening address
New and rediscovered prospects of steelFerkel, H.
Patberg, L.
Rauhut, M.
Mendelin, C.

2 - Material properties and behaviour
On the aging effects of silicone molds for vacuum casting processes – investigation of contamination and life–time improvementStrube, O.I.
Briesenick, D.
Heckel, T.
Brikmann, J.
Hüsgen, B.
Comparison of the fatigue characteristics of steels with a high nitrogen content and conventional biomedical materials in trials with complete strain controlGüler, S.
Schymura, M.
Fischer, A.
Methods for the estimation of cyclical material characteristicsWächter, M.
Esderts, A.
Masendorf, R.
High-speed tensile tests on high-strength dual-phase steelsHöfemann, M.
Flügge, W.
Koreng, R.
Graß, F.
Schultheiß, U.
Forming Potential of Low-Density Laminates Harhash, M.
Palkowski, H.
Carradò, A.
Strain Analysis in Sandwich Structures using Digital Image CorrelationHartmann, St.
Sguazzo, C.
3 - Modelling
Process modelling in metallurgical process technologyWendelstorf, J.
A new approach for the modelling of recrystallisation in hot rollingOrend, J.
Palkowski, H.
Hagemann, F.
Simulative components and process optimisation in the field of compositesBiel, A.
Berg, D.
Kahnert, U.
Meiners, D.
Ziegmann, G.
Deniz, O.
Engel, K.
Krieglsteiner, J.
Horst, P.
Behr, M.
Hundt, T.
Weber, P.
Völtzer, K.
Schmidt, C.
Denkena, B.
4 - Coating and surface technology
Development of a corrosion and wear-resistant ferric base layerHolländer, U.
Frank, J.
Möhwald, K.
Maier, H. J.
Nano- and micro-structuring of PVD layers by means of PVD layer transplantationDellinger, P.
Passive and active corrosion protection coatings for galvanically coupled multi-material systems

Sesenes, R.
Serdechnova, M.
Blawert, C.
Zheludkevich, M. L.
Kainer, K. U.
Kallip, S.
Homogeneous coating of aerosol nano-particles in a cold plasma under atmospheric pressurePost, P.
Weber, A. P.
Dahle, S.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.
Generation of thin functional layers by means of plasma-supported chemical gas phase depositionDahle, S.
Kunz, C.
Sonnenberg, M.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.
Weber, A.
Development of innovative hard alloys for wear protectionWesling, V.
Reiter, R.
Lau, L.
Mechanisms for adhesion and deposit formation at polymer/metal interfacesGustus, R.
Wegewitz, L.
Höfft, O.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.
Sedelmeier, S.
Rehahn, M.
Wieser, J.
5 - Joining
Arc welding of titanium alloys – Influence of inoculants on the weld joins of TiAl6V4 Langen, D.
Swider, M. A.
Hassel, T.
Use of the UP cold wire procedure and controlled MSG process technology for the manufacture of pipes from the highly heat-resistant nickel-based Alloy 617Reisgen, U.
Willms, K.
Jochindke, S.
Study of oxide formation in long-seam high-frequency welding, through the integration of a protective gas supplyWesling, V. Schram, A.
Willmer, S. J.
Orbital welding as a joining method for Blisk applications in aircraft engine constructionRaab, U.
Levin, S.
Wagner, L.
Cassar, G.
Heinze, C.
Surface deoxidation mechanisms during the vacuum welding of stainless steelsWegewitz, L.
Marschewski, M.
Maus-Friedrichs, W.
Holländer, U.
Möhwald, K.
Influence of thin film coatings on solid wire electrodes for metal protective gas welding on the mechanical and technological properties of the weld metal.

Wesling, V.
Schram, A.
Treutler, K.
6 - Material analytics
Robotic technology for the diffractometric characterisation of the residual stress, textural and phase development in technical componentsBrokmeier, H. G.
Al-hamdany, N.
Randau, C.
Gan, W. M.
Schreyer, A.
Hofmann, M.
Völler, M.
Spectroscopic analysis of covalently modified wood surfacesNamyslo, J. C.
Drafz, M. H. H.
Kaufmann, D. E.
7 - Construction materials
Future technological developments in cement manufactureHoenig, V.
Performance-based design of concretes with reduced CO2-loadBegemann, C.
Lohaus, L.
Budelmann, H.
Wachsmann, A.
Krauss, H.-W.
Hermerschmidt, W.
Wolter, A.
Heidmann-Ruhz, M.
Innovative rapid adhesive tapes for prefabricated house constructionWisner, G.
Stammen, E.
Dilger, K.
Brodel, M.
Zillesen A.
8 - New functional materials
High thermally conductive polymer compoundsGrundler, M.
Stannek, P.
Derieth, T.
Beckhaus, P.
Heinzel, A.
Load-bearing high-performance fibre compound vacuum insulation panels for low-temperature applicationsAbliz, D.
Surjoseputro, W.
Ziegmann, G.
Meiners, D.
Luther, J.
From punicin to new materials: Consequences of planar and non-planar charge separation

Schmidt, A.
Albrecht, M.
Mordhorst, T
Otto, C. F.
Fleischhauer, H.
Topp, M.
Adams, J.
Gjikaj, M.
Jeschke, G.
Yulikov, M.
Kohn, T.
Design and manufacture of plastics-based micro-switchesFlorian, T.
Ziegmann, G.
Meiners, D.
Ferreira, N.
Reversible cross-linking of macromolecules using metal ions – from the synthesis of functional monomers to the stabilisation of polylactides, molecular 'Velcro' and controlled nano-particle synthesis.Hübner, E.
Processing Parameters and Characterisation of Flax Fibre Reinforced Engineering Plastic Composites with Flame Retardant FillersEl-Sabbagh, A.
Steuernagel, L.
Ziegmann, G.
Meiners, D.
Toepfer, O.
 9 - Structural lightweight technologies
Current development of multi-material systems in the aviation industryMeiners, D.
Energy-efficient lightweight construction using multi-material systems – are are a more drive dynamics required? Hillebrecht, M.
Resistance welding of duromer CFRP components with carbon-fibre fabric as the heating elementSurjoseputro, W.
Ziegmann, G.
Eggers, A.
On the path towards the large-series laser processing of CFRPBluemel, S.
Jaeschke, P.
Suttmann, O.
Overmeyer, L.
Closed-pore aluminium foam with fibre reinforcementAlbrecht, R.
Lange, G.
Natural-fibre-reinforced plastics – Effect of injection moulding parameters and the use of bonding agents on the mechanical propertiesSteuernagel, L.
Procedure and framework processing conditions for the secure manufacture and forming of SIC-particle-reinforced magnesium cast sealsAkdesir, M.
Palkowski, H.
 10 - Energy technology
Improved electrolyte-additive induced performance of graphite anodes for Lithium-ion batteries – electrochemical and electrode surface studiesDimitrova, A.
Himmerlich, M.
Eisenhardt, A.
Krischok, S.
Müller, A.
Stich, M.
Ivanov, S.
Bund, A.
Development of conductive graphite polymer compounds for electrochemical applications in fuel cells and redox flow batteries Hickmann, T.
Kundler, I.
Kunz, U.
dos Santos, A. R.
Hopmann, Ch.
Cohnen, A.
Krause, B.
Pötschke, P.
Solar-thermal Splitting of CO2: Materials Properties and Kinetic Key Parameters of Ce1-yMyO2-xDörrer, L.
Fielitz, P.
Borchardt. G.
Knoblauch, N.
Schmücker, M.
Call, F.
Roeb, M.
Pitz-Paal, R.
Material science-related aspects of the development of an SOFC stack with individual cells electrically connected in parallel Immisch, C.
Lindermeir, A.
Szepanski, C.
Hamje, J.
Wesling, V. Borchardt, G.
Dörrer, L.
Fuel cell lifetime prognosis using operational stability methodsBonitz, S.
Esderts, A.
Masendorf, R.
 11 - Recycling
Magnesium Recycling – Removal of nickel from magnesium-aluminium alloysDuwe, S.
Solvent recovery in package printing – material recycling versus combustionCarlowitz, O.
Meyer, S.
Napp, M.
Pfutterer, M.
Altmann, J.
Recycling of Natural Fibre Thermoplastic CompoundsRamzy, A.
Elsabbagh, A.
Steuernagel, L.
Meiners, D.
Ziegmann, G.

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